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Schenectady Bike Infrastructure Master Plan

Schenectady, New York


LAndArt Studio worked with Alta Planning + Design and the City of Schenectady to update the 2001 Urban Bike Route Master Plan by re-evaluating the priority network and developing bike infrastructure guidance for City-wide implementation. Specifically, the plan will reassess the priority networks; solicit public and stakeholder input; develop a plan for informational and wayfinding signage; develop a location plan for striping priority networks; and identify locations for future bike share programs. The project includes two demonstration projects: one that will explore ways to better connect the Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Trail and tie into new bike trail at Mohawk Harbor and another that will demonstrate the benefits of a Complete Streets approach in better connecting important neighborhood destinations within a neighborhood that serves many individuals who rely on bikes as a primary means of transportation. As a subconsultant, LAndArt Studio is provided local knowledge, assisting in public outreach, contributing to the design and implementation of the demonstration projects and assisting with report recommendations.