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Rainbow Pride Walk

Schenectady, New York


Located at the entry to Downtown Schenectady, the Rainbow Pride Walk welcomes visitors and boldly proclaims that everyone is welcome in Schenectady, where diversity is celebrated. The installation commemorates the 50-year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprisings, which launched the LGBTQ civil rights movement. The six milestones celebrated in the installation opened doors to equal rights, and as visitors move through the abstract representations of these “doors,” the significance of each one is revealed. LAndArt Studio worked with Schenectady Pride to design this public art installation and to arrive at a means of construction that worked within the limited budget for the project and allowed for volunteer participation.

Two adjacent benches display the colors that were once part of the original 8-color Pride flag and are now the colors of the Transgender rights flag. The Rainbow Pride Walk and Gateway Plaza now serve as home to Schenectady's annual Pride Festival.