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Ellis Residential & Rehabilitation Center Healing Roof Garden

Schenectady, New York


The healing roof garden for the Ellis Residential and Rehabilitation Center Project was designed to provide a relaxing outdoor space for residents and their families. Funding for the garden came from a generous donation and the project was handled as a design/build project. Mary Moore Wallinger designed the garden, coordinated with the hospital to order materials and helped oversee the construction, which was done by Youth Build Schenectady, a 12-month program sponsored by Northeast Parent & Child Society that helps young adults ages 18-24 from Schenectady earn a GED while earning money and assisting non-profit organizations in constructing community-based projects. The intent of the design was to create a contemporary style garden that would incorporate garden plants, fragrances and colors reminiscent of one’s own garden. As part of the design, two larger planters are designed for accessible gardening by residents who wish to participate more actively in the space.

Work done by Mary Moore Wallinger while employed by Synthesis Architects, LLP. © Synthesis Architects LLP.