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Craig-Main Connection

Schenectady, New York


The Craig-Main Connection is envisioned as a physical and social bridge that, through streetscape and linkage improvements, will bring together and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Mont Pleasant and Hamilton Hill Neighborhoods, notably contributing to their bright and emerging futures. For-the-community and by-the-community, this project utilized extensive and creative public outreach to build a sense of ownership, momentum and pride around the project and the community.

Derived from the ideas and inspirations of the community, the project will transform the corridor from an automobile-driven design to one that considers all travelers (including pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders) while facilitating and enhancing linkages between community anchors such as schools, economic centers and not-for-profit community organizations.

LAndArt Studio partnered with PLACE Alliance for this project, with PLACE Alliance serving as the lead and Mary Moore Wallinger of LAndArt Studio serving as project manager. Recommendations include a protected bike lane, green infrastructure, covered bus shelters, neighborhood-driven public art, pocket parks, and economic development opportunities.