Tribute Park

Schenectady, New York


The Master Plan for Tribute Park transforms three vacant parcels into a pocket park for the Eastern Avenue Neighborhood. Goals included creating recreational opportunities for the neighborhood; exploring tying into the existing trail network in Vale Park and the larger city park system; and cleaning up the site and transforming it into a safe, beautiful, and vibrant community asset. The Master Plan for Tribute Park calls for a simple yet elegant park organized around a large, open lawn that allows for flexible programming. Secondary spaces include a seating plaza with benches and chess tables, a fenced playground for small children, and a splash pad that is designed to double as an informal stage or plaza. An interpretive sign and trail entrance to Vale Park are also planned for the park. Amenities such as benches and picnic tables can be found throughout. Opportunities for public art are also a main facet of the design, with a low serpentine “art wall” located adjacent to the seating plaza.

Work done by Mary Moore Wallinger while working as an Independent Contractor for PLACE Alliance. © PLACE Alliance.