Prattsville New York Rising Community Recovery

Prattsville, New York


Following the devastating flooding of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, PLACE Alliance, in partnership with Parsons Transportation Group and River Street Planning & Development, led the design component of the recovery planning effort. Detailed site selection, conceptual design, program planning, construction estimates, and advanced graphic renderings were prepared for the Town. The design team identified a site high out of the floodplain to become the potential home of Prattsville’s new Town Common. This initiative aims to transform Prattsville by reducing flood risks and providing superior quality senior living, health, recreation, and community services in a smart and green rural neighborhood - a model for the region. It offers a mix of uses and choice in housing, bringing seniors and children together and strengthening the multi-generational family ties that make Prattsville the desirable and determined community that it has always been.

Work contributed to by Mary Moore Wallinger while working as an Independent Contractor for PLACE Alliance. © PLACE Alliance.